Monday, February 1, 2010

Skyline Chili - Ft. Myers

Cincinnati, Ohio...let that just settle in there--yeah. Cincy. Anything come to mind? Perhaps Eric Davis and that batting stance, Ickey Woods or Dr. Johnny Fever? I feel like that, unless you're from the area it's just not a place you're going to up and say, "Case closed, we're going to Cincinnati for vacation!"

I'm sure they have a rich tradition there, peppered with a fine history and unique citizens. I just figure, if I'm going to have to go to Ohio, I'm gonna at least get on some roller coasters.

It wasn't until I ventured south to the Naples/Ft. Myers area that I was introduced to something that city can really be proud of. Who knows maybe even develop a theme park like Hershey's did.

Skyline Chili is something special. It's not your spicy/hot chili you know--not that Tex/Mex style with the smoky flavors you're used to. No, Skyline is a Greek style recipe that actually comes out quite thin with more of a Cinnamon aroma and taste to it. Seems when I asked around, people either loved it or hated it--not a whole lotta gray area there. Well I love it. It's delicious and I don't care if you can sip it through a straw, I'm ordering seconds.

Your experience begins with a greeting and a personal bowl of oyster crackers as you sit down. I figure, you're in a chili joint, save the crackers for the chili, right?
Wrong, eat'em up. In fact--take the hot sauce they leave on the table and give it a little kee-yick. The trick is, to look for the crackers with a small hole in them, on the side or top. Then fill it to the rim with brim and voila, tasty app right there for freebies.

When it came time to order I got the Skyliner, a chili cheese sandwich and a Chilito. The Skyliner was perfect. A mini dog on a bun swimming in chili and cheese, as well as, "MO" which is mustard and onion. The chili sandwich is the same as a Skyliner, hold the hot dog. The Chilito was a soft tortilla wrapped with chili and cheese all up in it and on top of it.

Every bite was that much better, honestly. Their shredded cheddar is lighter than a cloud. I wager if you threw that cheese in the air, the only way it's coming down is if it starts burping. Add on the fact we made it to the place about 15 minutes before they closed so chances are, we were getting bottom of the barrel ingredients and it still came out better than any meal I've ever gotten at Applebees.

A more popular dish they serve there is chili 3 ways or 4 ways or 5 for that matter. That's where you take your noodles, your chili, your cheese, your onions or what have ya and make a delicious spaghetti treat. The more ingredients you top on, the larger denomination you'll be ordering.

The decor is all Ohio gear: banners, posters, basketballs and pennants representing Ohio and The Queen City (in case you didn't know, Cincinnatians refer to their home as "The Queen City" too).

I can forgive the lack of individuality on the nickname though, seeing as they did come through with possibly the most unique chili I have ever tasted in my life. I'll give'em a pass. If you're in SW Florida, I'd say give them a pass too, a pass on through that is! Get it? See what I did there? Pass on through...bah--stimulate the economy and your taste buds people. Skyline Chili, good stuff.

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