Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Tilted Kilt - UCF

I know, I know--its been a while since I updated around here. What can I say? March is always a crazy month for me. What with the big NCAA tourney keeping me preoccupied for 3 weeks straight, I'm finally back in action. So, I apologize. I know how the 3 people that actually read this thing must have been holding their breath in anticipation of my latest gastronomical affair.
Down on University Blvd. in East Orange County there used to be, quite possibly, my favorite "Bar and Grill" style establishment...Bennigan's.
Now their food wasn't so out of this world delicious (don't get me wrong, I always enjoyed whatever I ordered) but, their prices were decent. If you happened to be in their email club you'd get some sorta coupon at least once a week that would save you considerable dough. So, when they went belly up and the building became just a shell, I would often drive by and wonder, what's next for you my love...what's next?
Well just a little while ago, they started remodelling the guts and finally a "Coming Soon" banner appeared atop the awning. The Tilted Kilt was on its way.
I had never heard of this chain before, so naturally I Topeka'd it and found their web site. You can imagine my disgust when I discovered it was a bar and grill, with a gimmick like Hooters! Scantily clad girls, showing off more skin than Heidi Montag, serving delicious fried food and cold drinks. The horror!
Naturally--we had to check it out.
It's hard to give a read on this place just yet, we went for lunch on maybe the 4th day they were open, which also happened to be a Friday Pay Day for UCF employees...the place was SLAMMED. We walked in around 1 pm and it looked like every table was occupied as well as about 90% of the bar and high tops. As luck would have it, a spot opened up just as we finished putting our name in and that fifteen minute wait vanished.
We sat down and our server stopped by to take drink orders. I asked her about happy hour, and from what I recall it was pretty weak. From 4-7 pm, everything's a dollar off...that's more like a pleasant hour if you ask me.
So, looking at the menu you'll find an assortment of your basic bar food. They have deep fried apps and burgers, sandwiches and wraps as well as pizza--all with a Scottish twist (It seems everybody relates a kilt to the Irish when it's the Scots who have been wearing them all these years). Their entrees looked pretty good too, a meatloaf sandwich stuck out in particular.
I ordered a chicken wrap...which was a jalapeno tortilla (awesome) packed with fried chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese--the usual wrap stuffing. You could take your chicken plain, or dipped in one of three sauces. I took the sweet and spicy selection, the TK sauce. It was just that--sweet and just a little spicy. If you have ever gotten those new chicken nuggets at Wendy's, it's basically the same thing. So you got that with a side of fries--I opted for bleu cheese instead of the ranch dressing that came with it...I chose--wisely. Other items ordered included: a humongous burger...two patties, each one was 10 oz. of beef with fried onion straws, bacon and cheese. There was also the "lighter" option with only one 10 oz. patty. A pulled pork sandwich dressed with cole slaw was the last plate selected.
Now, as I mentioned, this was like day 4 of the place being open so obviously you're going to hit some bumps along the way. Our lunch was no different. After we placed our order, the server stopped by no less than 12 times to apologize for the wait. We kept telling her, "no worries." She was either guilt ridden or we looked like a buncha jerks. It came down to the point that I almost felt like avoiding any eye contact with her so she WOULDN'T come over to apologize again. The thing is, as a group of guys eating in a place that is basically a strip club with no nudity, you aren't really in any rush to get outta there if you know what I mean (wink-wink nudge-nudge). While we waited a few other servers popped by our table asking us how we were doing, how we liked the new joint...all very friendly, and although our stomachs were getting antsy, we just hung loose until the food finally arrived.
The burgers were massive, and the wrap was plenty big too. My friend and I split the pulled pork sand and the wrap and went half-sees on them. The fries were nicely seasoned, kind of like how Bennigan's used to spice up theirs, and the pulled pork was juicy. I don't even like cole slaw, but it really set it off on that sandwich.
The two burger eaters crushed their sandwiches with ease, although, I think any "mortal" would have a hard time finishing off the double, it was just that big.
When it came time to pay, my bill was 12 bucks after tip (that's with a water, no soft drink) so the price is kind of steep compared to surrounding establishments of the like.
A the end of the day, I would say...yes--I'll check TK out again. However, I think the prices might drive that place into the ground prematurely if they don't start some daily specials or improve their happy hour. For even wonderful scenery such as the Tilted Kilt's, can't be adored by way of an empty wallet. (You didn't think I'd REALLY try to take a pervy pic of the servers did you?)
The Tilted Kilt
Orlando, FL, 32817

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