Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Agave Azul - Metrowest

I'm going to get straight to the point, Agave Azul should change their name to Chimichurris, or something of the like. Confused? Let me bring you up to speed. For what seems like months now I've been hearing about this place that seemingly serves up some of the finest Mexican food in town. I had no idea where it was, I didn't know what to expect. All I know is, I finally got around to checking this place out, and boy--was I surprised. First off, as we are rolling into the parking lot, I immediately notice we're in a strip mall...great. A strip mall restaurant, why don't we just go to Quiznos? So kinda had a bad first impression walking up. They have a decent outside seating area, lots of tables with some nice lighting fixtures, but I dunno--if I am eating outside I'd like it to be a step up from eating inside. When all you're doing is eating next to a giant parking lot, it just doesn't come across as that appealing. So, we make our way inside. This, in essence, would be the exact point where Alice goes through the door and finds herself in Wonderland. Everything changed. You enter what seemingly is a Hollywood, upscale establishment lit up by blue lights that create a nice hue all around. The decor is all top notch and the architecture feels like something from Miami's South Beach. The host's stand is in front of an elegant waterfall partition, separating it from the dining area. On the left is a nicely displayed set of fine tequilas. On the right, a trendy looking bar where most of the patrons were dressed to impress. It was then that I felt relieved to have ditched the flip flops and shorts and wore something a little classier than Cocoa Beach gear.
So we put our name on the list. The wait wasn't terribly long even though the place was pretty packed. I was worried we'd be sitting around for a while when all of a sudden, our booth was ready.
The host led us around the wall to a quiet little spot with a view of the entire dining room floor. This place was much bigger than I thought. However, the dull roar of about 50 people eating and chatting didn't create the need to talk loud or say, "Whaa? Huh?" as our conversations went on.
We looked at the menu, and decided to get the Agave sampler to start. This came with chicken nachos, a shot of ceviche, wings and a few other items. A couple of margaritas were also ordered, they were big and pretty good. It all came out together, but not before the chips and dips (complimentary) were placed on our table shortly after being seated. I didn't know what the white sauce was, but it sure was unique. One might describe it as a touch of sweetness added to sour cream. The pico de gallo was fresh as was the salsa verde.
The agave sampler came out and really lived up to the old saying I just now created, "You can't spell sampler without ample (bad I know)." The queso dip was good and plentiful, the wings tasted fine but nothing jaw dropping. The chicken nachos could easily suffice four mouths or so. I actually didn't care for them all that much though. The chicken and cheese were both delish don't get me wrong, but however they decided to prepare it was devastating to the chips' integrity. As I tried to scoop up a notch (singular for nacho, duh) it only bent back and limped under the toppings. You basically had to scrape the chicken and cheese off with a fork and eat it that way. Friends enjoyed the ceviche, I didn't try it.
As we finished the appetizers, the server came back (numerous times I might add, the service was very attentive) with our entrees. I had ordered Joel's Plato Favorito which came with a cheese covered grilled chicken breast, a blackened shrimp skewer, and two enchiladas: one filled with potato and one with beans. It was all good, the potato enchilada was a little different almost like a Mexican pierogi. The chicken was amazing. Rice and beans, both up to par. However, it was the Arrachera that stole the show that night. A skirt steak cooked perfectly topped with chimichurri sauce, paired with a vegetable medley. The sauce was unlike anything I had ever had. I wish I could describe the taste to you but no words could do it justice. The lemon, garlic and basil amongst other sweet tidings were dancing like a fiesta on my tongue. The color was nice and rich, just like the taste. Layer that on top of a seasoned skirt steak and it was basically, like buttah. I feel like, in the grand scheme of things, I had lost. My companion's order definitely beat mine. Don't get me wrong though, Joel and his "Plato Favorito" didn't disappoint...but while my entree was like Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, hers was The Last Crusade.
At the end of the meal, we got our to go boxes and paid the bill...it's a little on the pricey side. A group of four with drinks and appetizers came out to a little over hundred bucks, but it was definitely worth it. The colorful interior, trendy bar set up, waterfall in the waiting area and criss-crossing blue lights everywhere made it a very memorable experience. Although it was a bit of a hike to get there, this strip mall destination surely leaves one satisfied.

Agave Azul
4750 S. Kirkman Road,
Orlando, FL 32811
407-704-6930 or 407-704-6931


  1. Fish tacos best thing on menu. Dan's to scared to try them though. The review is foiled. FOILLLED!

  2. Big Fat Tony CheescakesJune 30, 2010 at 10:20 AM

    fyi, i love how "dressed to impress" is too bald guys in polos hitting on women. HHAHAAHAH! just busting your chops....classic Thompson

  3. Danny, I am getting such a kick out of your blog. My husband and I live in a tiny town, pretty much BFE, with only about 4 places to dine. So if we are craving something, we have to make it ourselves (or drive to the other side of the state). This blog sure scratches my eating-out itch! keep up the great writing.